The Color of Justice

Hey GAKs, It pains me to have to devote a blog to the pandemonium that’s occurring in the U.S. It’s been 52 years since Dr. Martin Luther King’s “I Have a Dream Speech,” yet eta bevy of black youth have been murdered cold blood in the past five years, and it doesn’t seem to be getting any better.

Freddie Gray. Source of ohoto can be found here.

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Secret Society Part 2

Hey GAKs!

I was at work one day when my co-worker, Lauren Reis, noticed my Lisa Frank dessert-themed folder. She said it took her back to her childhood, and I told her I was doing a Throwback Tuesday edition for my coloring blog, which features pictures from Lisa Frank’s collection. Ironically, she told me she had just ordered a coloring book by Secret Garden and was anxiously awaiting it’s arrival.

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The Calm During the Storm

Hey GAKs!

Here’s what the cookies look like. Delicious, right?

What do you like to do when it’s a storm going on? One of my friend’s family is from Thailand and they make “Fragrant Cookies,” which get their delectable flavor from a candle.  They do require to be baked in the oven first, but you could always pretend their is a rain storm/ snow storm and turn out the lights etc. and have a nice day in with your family and or friends. To try the recipe, click here.

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Interview with an Artist…

Hey GAKs!

I recently had the pleasure of meeting Gary Cuddington, a visiting assistant professor and studio arts coordinator at Hood. He is also one of my roommates’ teacher, who sends her home with all types of interesting assignments, so thought it would be cool to get his perspective on coloring.

I was inspired by this interview and made this picture. Colored Photo taken by Jaasmin Foote. If you like the picture, you can print it here.

At Hood, art students are like vampires—they dwell in the dark basements of Tatem Hall and Gambrel Gym, where they complete their artwork (some of them stay down there until late at night). They also appear to have super powers when it comes to creating candidness between their subject and their drawings. Continue reading

When I’m a Mama, I will tell my son, “Life is like a box of Crayolas”

I do not own this picture. It is the property of Dream Works.
Here is my look inspired by the main character, Tip, in the movie, “Home.” It was great to finally see a character that looked like me!

Hey GAKs!

I went to see “Home” for my birthday last Friday, it’s opening day. As the previews ended and I heard the sea of mini voices chattering around me, I realized that I was home. I was probably one of the oldest people who had voluntarily saw the movie without kids, but I was exactly where I needed to be. I especially enjoyed listening to my favorite singer’s voice come out of a cartoon’s mouth! Great job Rihanna!

** A few light spoliers!!!! BEWARE!!!*** 

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Bunnies and Chicks and Duckies. Oh My!

Hey GAKs!

With Easter around the corner, I thought I’d share some coloring pages with you for the holiday.

This is a picture I colored. You can find it here.

Easter isn’t just about Peeps, jelly beans, and baskets. It can also be about coloring! Check out the pages I made below!

An adorable illustration of Peter Cotton Tail, or one of his loose relatives. Click here to get one!

What do you all do for Easter? Do you go to church, have dinner with your family, go to the White House for the Easter Egg Roll, have Easter Egg hunts, or parties? I used to do all of the above. I remember getting to speak to President Clinton and shake his hand. I usually spent most of the time during my Easter visits rolling down the hill. Brings back memories. Let me know in the comments and show me you coloring pages.

I colored these at work and forgot my beloved Crayolas, so I ended up using off brand crayons and Rose Art, which I highly recommend you don’t use! They are the WORST brand of crayons—they’re much like the waxy ones they used to give you to color with in restaurants to keep you quiet while your parents ate great food and you either sat proudly in your booster seat because you were a “big kid.”

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Throwback Tuesday

Hey GAKs!

In honor of my birthday next Tuesday, I thought I’d take it back with THROWBACK TUESDAY!! Check out these vintage coloring pages that I found online!

A test of your GAKiness: do you recognize this sad-eyed puppy? I’ll give you a hint: he is from the most popular brand of coloring books in the ’90s.

Go Biddy, it’s your Birthday! Picture courtesy of Go to the website and print out your own copy to get this party started!

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The Midterm Blues

Hello GAKs! There are so many interesting forms of art out there, and I’m open to all of them. I consider painting and sketching forms of coloring, so take a look at some of the pieces I found.

I caught another student coloring this week on campus. It’s exam week, and students are looking for ways to fight stress as well as quick breaks to distract them from studying.

I assumed that the student was coloring a design that she free-handed, but that wasn’t the case. She’s actually taking Art Design with Andrea McCluskey and was completing the assignment in Whitaker. “I used stencils to make the design,” said Helena Hammond- DoDoo, a senior at Hood. “It was three letters, but then I erased it to make it look less distinct,”

Helena Hammond Do-Doo coloring an original piece. Photo taken by Jaasmin Foote

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Secret Society at Hood


Iris coloring while she waits for her shift to start.

I’ve found out on the most random occasions that some of my peers like to color.

One of my classmates, Sarah Marcello, from my Feature Writing class casually told the class that she liked to color. “I like to color by numbers,” she said. “I usually color during exam weeks or on the plane when I’m going on vacation because it’s relaxing.”

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